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Martha Coakley’s Anti-Terror Policy? Location, Location, Location


Among the many interesting moments in the Scott Brown/Martha Coakley U.S. Senate debate yesterday here in Massachusetts was Coakley’s “explanation” of her policy on detaining terrorists.
Giving the Jock Strap Jihadist a lawyer? A good thing. Okay, Scott Brown asked, then what about Osama bin Laden? Does he get one, too? Coakley’s answer:”I assume he won’t be landing on a plane in Detroit,” Coakley said. “If he is captured as an enemy combatant, then he will tried” by a tribunal.
Get that? “IF?” So if Bin Laden somehow can make it onto U.S. soil, he gets to “lawyer up,” but if he does us the courtesy of getting captured in Tora Bora, he goes to Gitmo . . . er, except we’re closing Gitmo down. Whatever.
If the terrorist version of our “wet foot/dry foot” Cuba policy sounds like frightening irrationality coming from a would-be U.S. senator, just remember: It’s also (apparently) the policy of the current president of the United States.


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