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More Democrat Resignations


Here’s another one, JJM:

Liberal Democrat Anthony Gallucio will no longer be representing Cambridge, MA in the state senate. Instead, he’ll be spending the next year in the Massachusetts Department of Rock Breaking and License-Plate Art.  Gallucio, a repeat DUI offender, was serving probation after fleeing the scene of an accident with injuries. Less than a week into probation, he failed a mandatory breathalyzer test and tried to blame it on his obsessive tooth brushing.   Really.  He said it under oath.  His family released a statement standing by the “toothpaste defense.” They also added that Gallucio “is in good spirits.”  Obviously not for the first time…   Sen. Gallucio is the fourth MA Democratic legislator to be led away in handcuffs in the past 14 months.  One indicted (but not yet convicted) Democrat forced from office was Speaker of the House Sal DiMasi–the third indicted speaker in a row.   We would expect nothing less from the enlightened, good-government liberals of Massachusetts.


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