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Is Ed Schultz’s MSNBC Show Illegal?


The National Republican Senatorial Committee has written a letter to MSNBC suggesting that it could be unlawful for liberal talking head Ed Schultz to appear on the network while considering a Senate run in North Dakota:

In the absence of either a furlough on Mr. Schultz’s part from the air, or his ceasing to explore a federal candidacy while appearing on air, Mr. Schultz’s use of MSNBC airtime to explore his candidacy potentially constitutes an illegal in-kind corporate contribution by MSNBC to Mr. Schultz. Mr. Schultz’s multiple statements make clear that he is exploring a Senate candidacy, and he has discussed the matter on a television program MSNBC, at a minimum, airs, pays Mr. Schultz to host, buys advertising space for, and provides production facilities and resources. Setting aside Mr. Schultz’s own legal obligations under federal campaign finance and The Internal Revenue Code related to such candidate exploration, liability for which falls solely and squarely upon Mr. Schultz himself, MSNBC as a corporate entity is prohibited from contributing in any way to his exploration of a Senate candidacy.

The full NRSC letter is here.