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Brown Fights Back!


The best part about that new ad is Brown linking Coakley to the Massachusetts political machine, and using a photo of Coakley, Governor Patrick, and now-indicted former Speaker of the House, Sal DiMasi.   Two notes:   One: Sal DiMasi was about as openly corrupt as a public official can get. The contracts he got involved in were in the papers. But it wasn’t Coakley who indicted him, it was the feds. In fact, Coakley hasn’t brought a single charge against any Beacon Hill pols in the latest round of arrests and resignations.   Two: Reminding voters Coakley is part of the Patrick team in Massachusetts (the governor’s approval rating is in the 30s) is very smart. The governor just raised sales taxes and tolls, and the most likely votes are angry over his policies. Having said that, I’ve got twenty bucks that says by COB today, some local liberal will be complaining that including Patrick’s photo in the ad is racist.    If it weren’t for the Reid kerfuffle, I’d make it $100.