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Re: Movie Update


I thought Up in the Air was the best movie I’ve seen this year (disclaimer: I haven’t seen Hurt Locker and as a father of four I see a lot of movies featuring flatulence jokes). And I thought the balance in the movie was nearly perfect. There is an absolute appeal, particularly in the heart of men, for a life of constant challenges and new horizons.
That life, as Clooney is told explicitly at one point in the movie, is the life of a juvenile. Clooney’s character finally wants to grow up, and . . . well, bad things happen. But there’s no doubt that, at the end, Clooney’s character is a loser. All the envy has become pity.
Could it have been better? Sure — Bach’s B minor Mass could, too (probably. Uh . . . maybe not). But it’s a terrific and hugely satisfying film.
All the right stuff happens.What could have happened differently to make it more satisfying? It didn’t preach. It didn’t need to. The example was powerful enough.


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