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Has Martha Coakley Missed The Bus Again?


After days of non-stop attack ads from Coakley, the Democratic Senate Committee, the SEIU and others, I did a double-take when I saw the new ad from Scott Brown.   The contrast is startling.   I’m a firm believer in so-called “negative” ads. They work. But one of the keys to them working is driving turnout down. Does Martha Coakley really want to get turn out down to the most motivated, committed voters in this special election?   I’m also not a big fan of “warm and fuzzy” ads that don’t make a clear, compelling argument. But in this case, the image of Scott Brown — alone, with no handlers or professional media shovers around him — seems to strike the perfect tone.    Coakley is angry, snarling and desperate, and her campaign has been seized by D.C. insiders. She’s specifically called out “tea party” attendees (a.k.a. “regular citizens who got involved in democracy”) as radicals and scary.   Scott counters by surrounding himself with regular folks right in their neighborhoods, then ends the ad by saying “I can’t do this alone. I need your help.”   This seems like the perfect capper to a race that, more and more, is a contest between the Democratic Machine and the people themselves. And Scott has made himself the candidate of the people.