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Scott Brown, Too Rich for ‘Ted Kennedy’s Seat?’


And he calls himself a man of the people . . .

Well, well, well Mister Brown, the truth finally comes out.

The Coakley campaign just sent out a press release pushing this HuffPo hit piece on Scott Brown. They’ve dug up some real dirt on this supposedly “regular guy” candidate. Did you know he “owns five properties”?

Brown owns three rental units in the college neighborhood of Brighton, and the Coakley campaign is trumpeting the fact that “Brown’s 2008 SFI reports . . . a net income derived from [one of these units] of $1,001 to $5,000.” Obviously, Brown doesn’t need some crummy senate job with an income like that!

Then there’s this stunner: Scott Brown, who pretends to be a modest, typical Massachusetts resident, owns a time share in Aruba. That’s right: A time share. The Coakley e-mail reports the value of this Aruban paradise as “valued at $10,001 to $20,000.”

Thurston Howell III, call your office . . .

John Kerry may have a net worth of $167 million, and he may have married two wealthy widows worth millions more, and he may own five houses of his own — including a “15th-century farmhouse transported from England and reassembled on the banks of the Big Wood River in Sun Valley” (NY Times) — but John Kerry would never, ever own . . . a time share.


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