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Gerald Amirault on Martha Coakley


In case you’ve forgotten, the Fells Acre Day Care Center in Malden, Mass., was the locus of one of the high-profile, bogus, hysteria-driven, outrageously prosecuted, bizarrely investigated child sexual-abuse cases that consumed America in the 1980s. The real victims of Fells Acre weren’t the children but the Center’s owners: Gerald Amirault, his mom Violet, and sister Cheryl. All were convicted in the nightmare circus court in 1986, and all served lengthy prison terms — at 18 years, Gerald’s was the longest. He was paroled in 2004. Her excellent coverage of this travesty earned the Wall Street Journal’s Dorothy Rabinowitz a Pulitzer Prize.

Part of the reason Gerald Amirault served so long: Middlesex DA Martha Coakley, who, in the face of clear evidence, knowing that the accusations were sheer fabrication, worked diligently to prevent the commutation of Amirault’s sentence and to prolong his time behind bars. Today, appearing on WEEI’s “Dennis & Callahan” radio show, Amirault spoke for 25 minutes about what happened to him, and just what Coakley did to compound his injustice. It’s a heartbreaking, stunning, and maddening interview. Listen here.


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