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Coakley Keeps the Rape Lie Going


The good news for Brown supporters this morning is that Scott appears to have the upper hand on the airwaves. Based on this weekend’s ad count and what I’ve seen this morning, there are more Brown and pro-Brown ads on the air than Coakley spots.
One third-party group is running a very smart anti-Washington ad that closes with “It’s not about Republicans and Democrats. It’s about checks and balances.” This is a message that resonates with Massachusetts voters who, for 16 years, elected Republican governors to keep an eye on Beacon Hill Democrats.
On the other hand, Martha Coakley is all in on the “Scott Brown is pro-rape” meme. She’s still running a spot that leads with the lie that Brown wanted hospitals to deny care to rape victims. The TV spot is backed up by an outrageous mailer that Kathryn has written about.
But I’ve seen two commercial breaks this morning where that ad was sandwiched between four Brown or pro-Brown ads.  If the truth can shout down a lie, Scott Brown has the media money to do it.