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24 ‘Plot’ Summary


Jonah, in order to save you a couple of hours, here is a capsule of Sunday’s episodes (spoilers below the fold).

The president of “Islamic Republic” is willing to sign a peace treaty as long as international inspectors, and not Americans, handle compliance. So they resolve their differences by getting Scott Ritter to do the job. Jack’s in New York, so National Review’s World Headquarters should add a new security guard or two, preferably only those trained in defusing a nuclear weapon.  He nearly kills his granddaughter when she interrupts his dreams of playing softball with Renee Walker. A slicker, more efficient CTU is back, and has moved, of all places, to the New York Metropolitan area, and taken Chloe with it. But Chloe has become, in the indeterminate period since the last episode, a technological dinosaur — apparently she doesn’t know how to use the new, more efficient computers. President Whatsername is still in office, notwithstanding the fact that her daughter orchestrated the murder of someone not important enough to be remembered since last season. And nothing is more important to her than signing the peace treaty with the Who Wants to Be an Indian Millionaire guy from Slumdog Millionaire. He, by the way, is having an affair with semi-hot news chick from the New York Somethingoranother, but she has some computer-security issues that only Chloe is smart enough to figure out. Jack shows what fire axes are really good for. The helicopter pickup on a random New York City apartment building goes bad when Russian guy with rocket launcher takes out the chopper, but happily before eagle-eye Jack and Son of Chico. get on board. After years of pining away, Chloe finally gets to debrief Jack. Some new hottie at CTU, who apparently has a cocktail party to go to after work tonight, has some problems on the homefront and seems to be sleeping with everyone at CTU, except the incompetent, but highly efficient, CTU director, who has efficiently arrested the wrong person for the attempted murder of Mumbai Regis. Jack’s daughter Kim has unfortunately aged a bit, but is not entirely unpleasant to look at, and is getting closer and closer to packing heat herself. Jack’s retirement lasts about an hour and half before he storms the CTU armory and gets all sorts of toys. He is temporarily detained by the efficient director, but since efficient director was so efficient that he got several of his agents killed with the helicopter thing, he lets Jack go and take whatever he wants from the Implements of Destruction room. Sadly, Renee is nowhere to be seen, but happily shows up in the preview for Monday night. And Russian guy, posing as U.N. Security Detail officer Mikey, shoots Meg in the thigh, stealing Jack’s favorite shoot-the-wife-in-the-thigh tactic. All because Jim wouldn’t trade shifts with him. That just about sums it up. On to hours three and four, plot be damned!


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