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Morning Report from Massachusetts


The weather isn’t great, but it’s not likely to be a major factor. Mid-30s and some light snow in the morning. Enough to scare complacent Brown supporters. Some Coakley supporters are noting wistfully that there will be more snow in some of the pro-Brown areas (north of Boston and Rt. 2), but not enough to make a significant difference.
Town clerks are reporting they’re getting the same level of requests for absentee ballots they usually get for a presidential race. Most of the information thus far has been that pro-Brown areas have had much higher rates of absentee voting. Some towns are anticipating 70-percent turnout. That would have sounded disastrous for Brown a month ago. Now it’s another good sign.
The ad wars continue this morning, with the same anti-Brown attack ads that took Martha Coakley from 30 points up to in the tank. And she’s still outnumbered about 3-2 in the ad count.
This last-gasp desperation attack from the Coakley team is to raise a moment at a recent Brown rally when someone in the crowd shouted, “Shove a curling iron up her a**.” It’s a reference to a horrible story in Mass. where a local cop was accused (and eventually convicted) for raping a two-year-old with a curling iron, but DA Coakley dragged her feet on the case. The cop was politically wired, and the assumption then and now was that Coakley’s political ambition slowed her response.
There are columns in the Boston Globe and the Herald about Brown’s response to the shout. He paused for a moment, then gave a crowd-calming, “We can do this,” and went on. The Coakley campaign has sent out e-mails pushing this story, and it’s in the media cycle this morning. “Any candidate who inspires such bile makes me nervous,” the Herald’s Margery Eagan writes this morning.
Perhaps the best news for Brown, however, is the media’s insistence in reporting that the race is “neck-and-neck,” “too close to call,” “very tight race,” etc. In fact, most polls indicate a growing Brown lead.
The less potential Brown voters hear about that today, the better.