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Panique au Massachusetts


That’s the headline in Libération. Roughly translated, it means, “Holy moly, a Republican might win the seat of the brother of the guy we named all these streets after.”

The coverage of the Coakley-Brown race is pretty compelling for French journos. It’s got all the cognates they need for a good story: Kennedy, baseball, Obama. And the element of surprise — “Nobody saw this coming,” worries Le Monde’s ObamaFawn, Corine Lesnes. 

The radio’s covered the story, too, especially the Curt Schilling angle. The refrain: How could she be so stupid? Well, she could be French: As Philippe Coste, l’Express’s New York blogger, reported, if Obama’s health plan — and his presidency — all goes down in flames, it will be “quite simply because Martha Coakley knew nothing about baseball.” Republicans must be hoping one French-looking U.S. senator’s enough for Massachusetts. (Pace, Taranto.)