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Canada: Officially More Free than the United States


It didn’t take Nostradamus to see this coming:

Canada pushed the US from the top seven economies deemed to have an entirely free economy due to “notable decreases in financial freedom, monetary freedom, and property rights,” the [Heritage Foundation's annual] report said.

NR readers might have seen it predicted here:

The Economic Freedom Index, which is published by the Heritage Foundation and the Wall Street Journal, finds that Australia has one of the most free economies in the world: relatively low spending, transparent and responsible government, market-friendly institutions, free trade, etc. In fact, Australia now ranks ahead of the United States in its overall measure of economic freedom, in third place — behind only Hong Kong and Singapore. The United States is in sixth place, where it is nearly tied with No. 7 Canada, and its score is in decline. It’s not so much the present economic-freedom rankings that are a cause of concern, but the direction of movement. Australia and Canada, like Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Denmark, are getting more free and moving up in the ranks. The United States is getting less free: The government is eating up a bigger share of the national economy, deficits are pumped up like a steroidal Jose Canseco, and the hypostomes of politics are extended ever more deeply into the tissues and organs of private enterprise.


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