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Proposition 8 Trial: Evidence in a Nutshell IV


A young man said that his parents forced him as a teenager to participate in counseling designed to lessen his same-sex attraction and said that counseling was not successful. A Stanford professor of politics testified that gays do not have significant political power in the United States and that, “religion is the chief obstacle to gay and lesbian progress.” This professor (presumably unfamiliar with the Civil Rights movement, pro-life efforts, anti-gambling initiatives, etc.) says the interdenominational cooperation of religious groups in favor of Proposition 8 is “unprecedented.” Despite an earlier ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit (“Implicit in the right to associate with others to advance one’s shared political beliefs is the right to exchange ideas and formulate strategy and messages, and to do so in private.”), the judge allows internal e-mails from the campaign to be introduced into evidence.


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