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Boston Globe-Democrat: Brown the Candidate of Angry, Beer-Swilling Homophobic White Guys!


From the Boston Globe-Democrat’s Renee Loth, this morning:

Brown didn’t run a hate campaign, and his emergence wasn’t so much stealthy as viral. But he did become the locus for a broad variety of resentments, from people angry over the state’s sales tax increase to changes in their health care to gay rights or immigration. . . .

A more salient clue to Brown’s victory was on the Globe’s front page on election day: a report that blue-collar workers are bearing the brunt of the economic decline. The Northeastern University study found that manufacturing and construction industries shed one in six jobs since 2007, an unemployment rate equivalent to the Great Depression. These sectors, which traditionally employ men, are hurting more than those that employ women (healthcare and the service industry). In other words, men have more reason to be angry at the status quo.

And Brown’s campaign unmistakably appealed to men, even beyond the obvious contrast with Coakley. The truck, the barn jacket, the sports figures giving endorsements all signaled that Brown’s campaign was a comfortable home for disaffected men. Even his victory party, with its rock anthems and chants of USA! USA! had the look and feel of a beer-fueled tailgate party.

I don’t know if the dream will ever die here in Kennedy country, but the arrogant elitism is certainly alive and well.