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Re: If They’re Releasing These Guys -- to Algeria of All Places -- They’ll Release Anyone


Andy, The question that the recent news that the administration is culling out 110 of the 200 remaining GTMO detainees raises is: What is the standard that the administration is using to determine releasability? Under massive pressure from the international community, as well as internal pressure from Condi Rice and her allies, President Bush already released more than 550 of the original detainees, and in doing so, made dozens of mistakes. Reports are that at least 60 (or more than 10 percent) of the detainees already released have returned to the fight. Thus, if there is a bias in decision-making, especially at this point, it should be in favor of detention. The 200 that have remained at the site are so hardened that even the Obama administration couldn’t figure out what to do with them in its first year. So what is it that led the Justice Department to determine that they are suddenly no danger to society? And how much does political convenience weigh in the balance? There is simply no plausible reason to release Hassan Zumiri, and especially not to a country like Algeria, where all we can get are empty assurances. But according to the report in the New York Times, another 100 just like him are going to be on the terrorist street. 


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