Geaux Saints

by Shannen W. Coffin

I generally detest bandwagon fans, so I won’t claim that I’ve been a Saints fan my whole life or even that I am a true Saints fan now. But I certainly am happy for my friends back in Louisiana who are. And, truth be told, I’ve enjoyed watching the team since my college days in New Orleans (no, not Tulane) — which coincided with its first taste of winning under Jim Mora. (Yes, one foot on bandwagon. I hate me, but they’ve never really harmed anyone before, so it’s too good not to ask for a seat at the back). I spent last weekend in South Louisiana and had a remarkable conversation with an old friend who is a captain in the Louisiana National Guard. He told me, in rather colorful terms, of his experience during Katrina, when his unit (fresh from a tour in Afghanistan), was dispatched to the Louisiana Superdome to provide some order to the chaos. So it was a delight to see a different sort of chaos — a joyful one — prevail there. It wasn’t a great game in terms of quality of play (a win is a win, but Favre’s interception toss at the end of the regulation had a Bill Buckner ground ball sense to it — Andy McCarthy, do you feel guilty for 1986?), but it certainly was a nailbiter. So congratulations to the City of New Orleans and WhoDat? Nation, which, for all its flaws, is a town that I love so well.

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