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Did Liberals Get The Massachusetts Message?


Nope. In fact, they’ve yet to get it . . . in Massachusetts.

Instead of talking about the failings of Obamacare or the arrogance of the local Democratic machine, Massachusetts congressman John Tierney knows what’s really making Bay State voters mad: The Senate filibuster.

He called the Senate’s 60-vote filibuster rule “loony” and said it has prevented that body from taking up 249 bills that have passed the House.

“Apparently, we’re no longer a majority country, but we’re a super-majority country for no particular good reason,” Tierney said. “If we want to look like California where they can’t get out of their own way because they have rule-by-petition and now they can’t pass a budget and they’re going under water, then just look at the Senate and what they’re doing with the 60-vote rule.”

Unless, of course, the filibuster’s being used to keep President Bush’s nominees off the bench. Then Tierney loves it.

Representative Tierney also parrots the line that “Democrats allowed intense focus on health care reform to overshadow the rest of their agenda.”

“If you get so consumed with health care, (voters) think you’re not paying attention to jobs,” Tierney said. “In fact, we have been.”

Which may explain why we’ve lost about 4 million of them since Tierney & Co. spent $1 trillion on their “stimulus” package.


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