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The Mob at HNN


Jonah’s exchange (it would be wrong to call it a debate, since his critics are so unhinged) has him at his very best. Obviously he’s had a lot of practice. When asked to participate, I hoped that maybe finally it was time for a serious debate on the nature of fascism, which has been impossible for more than half a century, mostly because of the Left’s refusal to look reality in the face. Jonah’s crime was to look at it and say, as others (myself included) had said before him, that fascism came at least in part from a leftist revolutionary tradition.

Once upon a time the discussion, such as it was, was more civil than what we see at the History News Network. I think that’s because the Left used to be more confident about its cultural hegemony (it sure was in Italy, where I first fought about these things). Nowadays, the Left is more insecure, so its noise level is higher. Back in the 1970s, I had some very good exchanges with leading Communist intellectuals, from whom I learned a lot. But there’s little to learn from the mob at HNN, who just want to lynch Jonah, not engage in a serious discussion.


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