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Confessions of Another Middle-Class Terrorist


In the post–Major Hasan/Abdulmutallab era, we don’t often hear the once-popular canard that poverty, oppression, and genuine grievances drive victimized Muslims — especially in the West — into the ranks of radical Islamic terrorism.

But the latest yuppie terrorist — Omar Hammami, the Alabaman who went to Somalia to kill non-believers and rant about the evil America that nourished him — is more candid than most. In a recent New York Times Magazine piece, Hammami is quoted as rejecting the claim that socioeconomic factors drove his own murderous extremism: “They can’t blame it on poverty or any of that stuff. They will have to realize that it’s an ideology and it’s a way of life that make people change. They will also have to realize that their political agendas need to be fixed.”


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