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2010 Challenge Competition Closes


National Review Institute is grateful for the thoughtful, creative entries in our competition — which ended with a nod to Pacific time to accommodate procrastinators on the West Coast. We are carefully considering over 300 submissions from smart, principled, frustrated, articulate, imaginative, and witty competitors. An overview reveals multiple ideas aimed at restoring federalism and reforming the political process, including an appetite for campaign-finance reform. The 17th Amendment comes in for strong criticism, though the essays could keep a Constitutional Convention busy for months weighing the merits of proposed new amendments. The issues addressed include education, health care, transportation (including space travel), taxes, and the environment. There is a recurring frustration with the perks and privileges of public-sector employees and the unaccountable administrative state. We are not used to being knee-deep in fresh ideas here in Washington — but thanks to our enthusiastic contestants now we are. The winner of the $2,010 prize will be announced by the end of next week.


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