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She Forgot She Wrote the Playbook?


Sometimes you just have to wonder if people have any self-awareness. Nan Aron, long-time president of the Alliance for Justice, has a piece in today’s Politico complaining about Republican “stalling” of President Obama’s judicial nominees, conveniently forgetting her long-time advocacy of the stall and block approach to Republican nominees.  Her own webpage brags that her “Notable accomplishments include helping to defeat Robert Bork’s nomination to the Supreme Court in 1987 . . . and organizing the effort that helped support ten Senate filibusters against President George W. Bush’s most extreme judicial nominees.”

In 2003, Aron publicly called for Democratic senators to “use every means” to oppose Bush’s court nominees or, as she put it, “to protect our courts and the American people.”

If Senate Republicans are slowing down Obama judicial nominees, she sould be flattered: They are following Nan Aron’s playbook.