Demon Sheep: A View from California

by John J. Pitney, Jr.

At the Christian Science Monitor, Peter Grier writes: “Maybe the ad is working. Fiorina has received loads of free media coverage that at least mentions her claim that Campbell is a false fiscal conservative. In a GOP primary, that’s a tough charge. And polls show that Fiorina may be behind Campbell at this point, meaning that she needs to do something to shake up the race.”

As of Friday afternoon, the Demon Sheep video had 375,000 YouTube views. Though that figure is huge for a political video, it is still smaller than the population of a single California State Assembly district — and there are 80 of them. The only people who are really following the story are political activists. These folks matter because many of them give money and volunteer in campaigns. But California’s GOP activists already know Tom Campbell’s record, since he has been on the statewide scene for nearly two decades. What they don’t know is whether Carly Fiorina can mount a substantive campaign on the issues. The video does not suggest an affirmative answer.

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