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Hillary Starbuckle


What planet are we on? Hillary Clinton, of “suspension of disbelief” fame, now is complaining about the deleterious effect of domestic partisan discord on the conduct of foreign policy? Barack Obama, the once eloquent defender of the filibuster and the need to have constitutional protections against the tyranny of mere majority votes in the Senate, is now whipping his partisan horses onward to pass Obamacare with the barest of majorities? Joe Biden, the erstwhile Senate megaphone who used to preach against the arrogance that sought to steamroll his minority opposition, promising that someday when the tables turned Democrats would not show such hubris, now is eager to ram through health care by hook or by crook?

All this reminds me of the speechifying performance of Major Cassius Starbuckle (John Carradine) in John Ford’s The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.


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