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Re ‘Inhofe’s Perfect Score’


Bob, I was talking with a very smart political-social analyst yesterday. The subject of global warming came up. It has been a bad, bad several months for the global-warming crowd. My friend said, “Wouldn’t it be something if the most adamant ‘deniers’ — not the moderate ‘skeptics,’ but the adamant ‘deniers,’ such as Senator Inhofe — turned out to be absolutely correct?”

Yes, wouldn’t that be something? Sometimes one of the “extreme” positions is the correct one. But if global warming did indeed prove to be a crock, the world would just glide on, as though nothing had happened — just as it did when the coming ice age proved to be a crock, when the mass food shortages proved to be a crock, when the . . .”

Always, always, on to the next alarm, without a murmur of apology, or moment of self-reflection, or backward glance.