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Four Grand for a Damp Rag?


Sounds like an eBay insanity, but that’s only half-right. Nigel Farage, whose eloquence Mark Steyn reported last month, has been caught and penalized for his colorful (and accurate) description of some EU functionary nobody knows, comparing the man to a damp rag and a low-grade bank clerk (as opposed to the high-grade ones, I suppose). Reports the Telegraph:

Mr Farage was called to the office of Jerzy Buzek, the President of the European Parliament, and told to publicly apologise to Mr Van Rompuy and Belgium “or else”.

“I said he had the charisma of a damp rag and I challenge you to find anyone who would say any different to that,” he said, “The only people I am going to apologise to are bank clerks the world over. If I have offended them I am very sorry indeed.”

Van Rompuy is the President of All Europe, and ruler of the damp rags of Brussels. The good news for Farage is the 3,000 euro fine will be paid out of his “allowances.” To most MEPs, that’s an order of frites and two days in a parking garage on the expense account. Farage seems more honorable, though. Maybe he’ll take a bank clerk to lunch.


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