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Health-Care Proposal & Process Are Fundamentally Flawed


For nearly a year, the health-care debate has served as a textbook example of the dysfunction in Washington today. In terms of both policy and process, this health-care bill has been fundamentally flawed. At this stage of the debate, incorporating some of the sensible reforms Republicans like Tom Coburn have suggested does not address the underlying problems of a proposal that would mark the first step towards a government takeover, cost nearly $1 trillion, raise taxes, expand taxpayer-funded abortion, and add new anti-business regulations.

How many bipartisan, Massachusetts-like pushbacks is it going to take for President Obama to understand the American people want to reform health care without changing and abandoning all the things that have made our system great? How many town halls, tea parties and elections will it take for the American people to finally convey to Washington that we need to scrap this flawed proposal and process, and start anew on step-by-step reforms?

I join the American people in opposing this proposal on policy grounds as well as the procedural approach being considered to ram it through. If President Obama and congressional Democrats go down the road of reconciliation, they will leave no doubt in the American people’s minds that Washington is broken and 2008’s promise of “Change” was little more than a campaign slogan that should not have been believed in the first place. The health-care proposal is a deeply flawed plan that should be scrapped entirely in favor of a truly bipartisan approach that pursues step-by-step reforms.

Unfortunately, my opponent disagrees and has said he would not scrap this bill and process. It underscores why, fundamentally, this campaign is about trust. It’s about who Floridians can trust to go to Washington to unapologetically stand on principle against ideas like the stimulus, cap-and-trade, and government-run health care. Again and again, from tax hikes to runaway government spending, my opponent has demonstrated he cannot be trusted to keep his word on the promises he’s made to voters. His recent comments, in which he broke ranks with Republicans and said he would not scrap the health care bill and process, is just the latest example of why Floridians can’t trust Charlie Crist to go to Washington and stand up to the misguided agenda of President Obama and congressional Democrats.


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