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New Hampshire Votes Against Gay Marriage


New Hampshire town meetings yesterday gave voters the chance to vote for a nonbinding resolution favoring putting a marriage amendment on the ballot. Bishop John McCormack of the Diocese of Manchester encouraged a yes vote in an op-ed that ran in the Union-Leader Tuesday. 

Of the vote results reported by the Union-Leader, along with a couple from the Concord Monitor, seventeen towns approved and three rejected the article.

Voting for a marriage amendment were: Charlestown (620-305), Kingston (719-346), Milton (385-285), Littleton (912-627), Wakefield (504-242), Dunbarton (77-58), Kingston (719-346), Windham (1,428-832), Epsom (422-225), Bedford (2,783-1,040), Hampstead (1,190-499), Allenstown (383-198), Auburn, Swanzey (542-422), Stark (unanimously), Pittsburg (64-4), and Belmont.

 Rejecting were Newhampton, Salisbury (30-27), and Northumberland (57-104).

This is a partial list; still looking for full electoral info. 


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