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Re: The Right to Adultery


Hey, Maggie, that Rielle Hunter-GQ spread may have inspired you to reflect on the dinginess of commercial-grade adultery, but maybe you can be consoled that it inspired Sadie Stein, at Jezebel, to put a charmingly anguished torque on the whole thing:

Remember that Newsweek piece, “The Quiet Dignity of Rielle Hunter”? We’d laugh if our jaws weren’t nailed to the ground and the rest of our faces frozen into masks of Pompeii-style horror. Because reading through the 10-page interview, which, as Anna North points out, is packed with high-quality tips on pleasing your man, has us dragging our feet through the Kübler-Ross stages of grief. We are mourning the Death of Shame.

One of my daughters sent this to me with a wry note that said, “Good grief!” Better than good, really. Sadie’s grief is just great.


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