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The Big Lie


If the leaked memo obtained by Politico this afternoon is for real, it is an absolutely astonishing example of brazen and unashamed dishonesty—amazing even for Congress. It simply proves the case conservatives have been making about the Democrats’ fiscal claims, and it shows the Democratic leadership is knowingly lying and telling members to avoid getting into debates that might reveal the facts.

The memo basically says to Democratic staff and members: as you know, we won’t actually keep health-care costs deficit neutral because the extremely expensive “doc fix” will come later this spring, but we don’t want that talked about right now so that we can get fiscally conservative Democrats to vote for the bill, so just pretend it doesn’t exist.

It’s hard to see how the Blue Dogs could still stomach the bill after this. It’s perfectly clear they’re being played for suckers.

UPDATE: Politico now says the Democrats are questioning the authenticity of the memo, and they have pulled it to verify. We shall see. Either way, of course, the “doc fix” deception is an important part of the Democrats’ case.