Stu-Packers Are Now Yes Votes

by Daniel Foster

Saying he didn’t want “to keep the whole world waiting” any longer, Bart Stupak (D., Mich.) told reporters on Capitol Hill he was “pleased to announce that we have an agreement . . . to protect the sanctity of life in health-care reform.”

The agreement comes in the form of an executive order from President Obama promising that the Hyde Amendment restrictions on the federal funding of abortion will extend to the current health-care bill.

Text of the White House executive order is here.

That’s all, folks.

UPDATE: House Minority Leader John Boehner (R., Ohio) released the following statement on the Stupak deal:

“The law of the land trumps any Executive Order, which can be reversed or altered at the stroke of a pen by this or any subsequent President without any congressional approval or notice.  Moreover, while an Executive Order can direct members of the executive branch, it cannot direct the private sector.

“Because of Roe v. Wade, courts have interpreted the decision as a statutory mandate that the government must provide federal funding for elective abortion in through federal programs.  In other words, no Executive Order or regulation can override a statutory mandate unless Congress passes a law that prohibits federal funding from being used in this manner.”

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