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Re: A Campaign Begins Today


Mitt Romney’s post kicking off a “campaign” — one of many being launched today, no doubt — has a great, simple takeaway:

What Barack Obama has ushered into the American political landscape is not good for our country; in the words of an ancient maxim, “what starts twisted, ends twisted.”

For Americans, it’s just the start for both Obamacare and the campaigns to stop it. In Britain, the NHS has a budget that’s tripled just since 1997 (imagine Obamacare at $3 trillion), and all that money has bought is more horror stories.  

One would think this would give the Tories, approaching an election, a great opportunity to revisit a bad idea and roll it bloody well back, mate. But no such luck. Cameron Conservatives are somewhere to the left of Lincoln Chafee and, not surprisingly, appear increasingly unlikely to defeat the somnambulant Gordon Brown. The consequence: untreatable, chronic melancholy has crippled the Tories.

At The Fortnightly Review, British philosopher Anthony O’Hear gives as good a rationale as you can get for not letting Obamacare get to the “roll-back” stage.

It is very hard to know who to vote for in the forthcoming election, or indeed whether to vote at all. There is no voice offering an alternative to the soft totalitarianism we have become so used to, or proposing any dismantling of the great leviathan bearing down on individual souls. That leviathan gained ground because people believed that it could remedy weaknesses inherent in the human condition, which in another age might have been seen as the inevitable outcome of original sin.

Original sin! That Obamacare: some apple; some core.


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