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A Man of Principle . . . Or Something


The horrendous reconciliation bill that House Democrats voted to tack onto the horrendous health-care bill they passed yesterday would raise taxes even higher, spend even more money, and further penalize employers. But among the reasons House Democrats offered for voting for it was that it would eliminate (or rather, to make available to everyone) the “Cornhusker Kickback” — the special benefit given to Nebraska in the Senate bill, allowing that state to have its new Medicaid costs paid for entirely by the federal government (i.e, you and me.) That kickback was of course offered as an enticement to win the vote of Senator Ben Nelson, and to help him forget about his pro-life principles. Well lo and behold, Nelson has now announced that he opposes the reconciliation bill and will vote against it. Apparently it taxes and spends too much.

It really renews your faith in politicians, doesn’t it?


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