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Florida GOP Mounts Preemptive Strike on Crist


Jason Gonzalez, former attorney to Charlie Crist and current counsel for the Florida GOP, has issued a memo declaring that state party rules disallow any GOP official from endorsing or donating to a non-affiliated candidate running against a Republican.

…In sum, Republican Party of Florida Rule 9 prohibits any member of the Republican State Executive Committee or of any County Executive Committee from “actively, publicly, or financially” supporting a candidate running with no party affiliation over “the Republican candidate” chosen in the primary election. Any member who fails to formally revoke his or her public support and request the return of any contributions made to a candidate running against the candidate of the Republican Party would be in violation of the RPOF Rules and would be subject to removal from party office and membership on Republican executive committees.

The St. Petersburg Times’s Adam Smith quotes Crist as calling the memo “premature.”


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