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My comment on Facebook was not about you or your linking behavior.  It had nothing to do with you, but with others.  You were mentioned by Douthat, not by me. The Manzi post has gone viral, and I was responding to that — the constant linking to it by Douthat and others. So, I have no idea what irks you, whether you’ve linked to Douthat, or why you chose to come here and post what you did.  You could have asked me directly, perhaps for clarification, but you did not.  As for my post in response to you, you again take offense when I say, link way.  But that’s exactly what’s been happening, what we’re — or at least I am — talking about. As for Media Matters, it’s a detestable group.  But I assumed they had your quote right.  I like the phrase.  No need to be defensive about it.  As for Googling your name, is that that odd?   


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