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Cliff, it’s probably worth noting that the editor of Israel-Kurd was attacked in Erbil last February and that several old buildings in the former Jewish Quarter in Sulaymani (about 1/2 mile south of the Sulaymani Palace Hotel) were bulldozed about two years ago in order to make way for a Talabani family member’s development project. (And you probably saw the wholesale destruction of the Jewish Quarter in Erbil, which was between the ‘Sheraton’ and the Citadel.)

You also are probably aware that Nechervan Barzani stopped in Israel for a quiet visit on his way to the United States last year. Israel kept the visit very quiet for fear of upsetting Turkey, and the KRG made no announcements about the visit for fear of offending Arab sensibility. Unfortunately, feelings toward Israel have been turning, as frustration with the Barzani’s corruption finds an outlet in anti-American and anti-Israeli incitement.


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