Erdogan’s Anti-Americanism for Political Gain

by Michael Rubin

A very good column in the Turkish daily Hurriyet:

Erdogan went on threateningly to say, “I am calling on the Israeli supported international media and their subcontractors at home: Turkey is not like other countries.” His only tribute to sophistication during this show of demagoguery was his reference to “the Israeli supported international media.”

Previously he had made references to the “Jewish controlled international media” but must have been warned by his advisors that this was too overtly “anti-Semitic,” and thus politically incorrect. This no doubt forced him to make a slight modification in his nevertheless anti-Semitic reference to the international media.

It is ironic that Lee Hamilton and the Woodrow Wilson Center blindly applaud Erdogan’s vision while even some Turks are starting to realize just what Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ahmet Davutoglu, Abdullah Gul, Bulent Arinc, and Cuneyd Zapsu are all about.

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