It’s the Regime and Its Crazy Vision

by Michael Ledeen

Thanks to Andy. His terrific book on the “Grand Jihad” (somehow that “grand” scrapes a blackboard for me) provides additional context for our national imperative: recognize that we are under attack from Iran and find a way to win.

The Iranians’ doctrine is messianic and apocalyptic: The 12th Imam will emerge from occultation to lead the faithful to victory in the Final Days. That is how they view the present and how they define their mission. I think many key leaders fully believe that, even though more and more Iranians have had it with Islam (I keep hearing of a Zoroastrian revival), and there is a big consensus in favor of separation of church and state, even — maybe especially — at the highest levels of the clergy in Qom.

So you have to take the doctrine seriously, since it provides the context and content of the war they’re waging against us. I’ve already memorized The Grand Jihad and you’d do well to do the same. There will be several exams in the near future.

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