Mea Culpa

by Michael Rubin

Former intelligence official W. Patrick Lang writes:

It has been pointed out to me that Rubin recently incorrectly attributed to me on your blog remarks made by a poster who uses the pen name “Harper” on my blog.

“It is pretty obvious that a talking points memo went out from the Israeli embassy or some other locale, because in a matter of days, many of the usual suspects—Daniel Pipes, Stephen Schwartz, Michael Rubin, and Victor Davis Hanson, not to mention the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA)—all came out with the identical, preposterous notion that Turkey is the perp and Israel the victim.”

The posting was not in the comment section but was an ordinary entry.  Nevertheless, my apologies to Mr. Lang. It is evident he only publishes and promotes silly and hateful conspiracy theories; he says he does not write them himself. Still, the idea of Mr. Lang publishing work accusing analysts of dual loyalty is ironic given Mr. Lang’s past as a registered foreign agent.

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