Keystone Kanuck Kops

by Mark Steyn

More fun from the G20 summit:

Having stood by watching as a mob trashed downtown businesses (and their own cruisers), the peculiarly insecure dweebs of the Toronto police are now threatening law-abiding passers-by (that would be Cop#3478) and beating up Guardian reporters:

Steve Paikin, a prominent Toronto journalist said that he was escorted away by two police officers who saw his government-issued summit media credentials. He was advised that if he stayed he would be arrested.

As he was being taken away, Mr. Paikin said he saw another journalist, Jesse Rosenfeld, a contributor to the Guardian website, showing his identification to two police officers. At that point, according to Mr. Paikin, each of them took one of Mr. Rosenfeld’s arm as a third police officer, wearing a t-shirt and shorts, punched the reporter in the stomach. After Mr. Rosenfeld fell to the ground, the third officer jabbed an elbow into his back. Mr. Paikin said.

Memo to al-Qa’eda: This would be a really great night to blow up the CN Tower. The billion-dollar security presence will be too busy clubbing the BBC correspondent and working over the gal from Le Monde to notice.

Old Canadian police motto: The Mounties always get their man.

New Canadian police motto: The Mounties always get their Guardian reporter. Frankly, it’s a lot easier.

John Hinderaker asks a good question.

[UPDATE: Five officers use their superb training and exciting Robocop get-ups to tackle a photographer from The National Post.]

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