Re: The Kansas Momentum

by Denis Boyles

Lots of e-mail from Kansas about that MoranTiahrt contest, including this note from Jim Clark:

My neighbor who has had Dennis Moore yard signs every election, a Sibelius sign, and signs for the Dem guy for state legislature, has a pair of Moran signs in his yard. Enough for me!

Dennis Moore is the liberal Democrat in KS-3, and the only Dem in the Kansas congressional delegation. After running and hiding from constituents at town-hall meetings, he announced he’s not running this time. Instead, he tossed his wife’s millinery in the ring. The GOP primary is crowded, with state Rep. Kevin Yoder staying just ahead of conservative favorite Patricia Lightner. A bunch of would-be candidates are messing things up for the conservatives there.

I know it’s Kansas and all, but Kansas has always been a liberal-Republican kind of place. So maybe this up-to-here sentiment we see in the polls is now starting to take root in “moderate” front yards everywhere.

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