Re: Michelle Malkin’s Column Today on Assimilation

by Roger Clegg

She’s right, of course, that assimilation is an essential — and yet now generally neglected — part of successful immigration policy. Her column and the Fourth of July weekend give me an excuse to post my top-ten list of what we should demand from those who want to become Americans (and those who are already Americans, for that matter). The list was first published in an NRO column a decade ago, and it is fleshed out in Congressional testimony here:

1. Don’t disparage anyone else’s race or ethnicity.
2. Respect women.
3. Learn to speak English.
4. Be polite.
5. Don’t break the law.
6. Don’t have children out of wedlock.
7. Don’t demand anything because of your race, ethnicity, or sex.
8. Don’t view working and studying hard as “acting white.”
9. Don’t hold historical grudges.
10. Be proud of being an American.

Have a glorious Fourth!

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