A Mosque at Ground Zero?

by Clifford D. May

I’ve already heard from a consultant to the “Cordoba Initiative” regarding my “Letter to Mayor Bloomberg.” Among the points I find interesting: This project is being billed as an “inter-religious center” for “multi-faith collaboration.” So why, I asked, will there be space for Muslims to worship plus only a “multi-faith meditation room”? Why not treat all three great faiths alike? His answer:

[I]t’s a Muslim facility. We’re building a community center that serves the needs, cultural expectations and goals of knitting together segments of the Muslim community, who oft feel disenfranchised, with the larger community of lower Manhattan.

Ah, well, that’s not quite the same as an “inter-religious center,” now is it? Also, this suggests the project is less about remembering the atrocity that was committed on 9/11 — who committed it and why; who the victims were and why – and more about serving the Muslim community.

I would also ask Mayor Bloomberg to consider: Is that the appropriate use for this site?

One other Q & A: I asked whether any funding would be coming from abroad. I did not get a direct answer. Instead:

No funding that isn’t sanctioned by regulators that we’re bringing in to review the process. We’ll be disclosing details to the letter of the law once fund-raising starts.

My response:

Surely, it should be disclosed who these “regulators” are, as well as other financing details, before there is approval for the project – not after.

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