How Green Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

by Henry Payne

Eager to claim credit for charting a new course for Detroit with “targeted investments making new technologies,” the president strangely chose as his backdrop the iconic Jeep SUV brand that first launched the small truck craze in the 1980s. This is the same vehicle that Obama and his green allies condemn as having laid waste to the planet.

With Chrysler only just struggling to its feet after the bottom fell out of the market in 2008, the company has gone back to its roots to launch the gas-guzzling, 4-wheel drive SUV. Chrysler’s truck-heavy lineup has suffered in a recession where customers returned to smaller sedans, but the new Grand Cherokee has been met with rave reviews, and the Jefferson North plant has added 1,100 jobs to keep up with renewed SUV demand.

This seemed lost (or perhaps willfully lost) on a president who is determined to transform what Americans drive. “If you’re willing to remake yourself for changing times, we’ll stand by you,” Obama said in explaining the rescue of Chrysler. But a new Grand Cherokee is as status quo as they come.

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