Close to 70 Percent Oppose Ground Zero Mosque

by Stephen Spruiell

Let the dialog begin!

(CNN) – A proposed mosque to be built two blocks from the World Trade Center has little support nationwide, a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll suggests.

According to the new survey out Wednesday, nearly 70 percent of all Americans oppose the controversial plan to build the mosque just blocks away from the solemn site in lower Manhattan while just 29 percent favor the construction.

Broken down by party affiliation, 54 percent of Democrats oppose the plans while 82 percent of Republicans disapprove. Meanwhile, 70 percent of independents said they are against the proposal.

The poll also showed opposition did not vary widely by age.

No word on how many support “Outfidels!” over “Suspicious Packages” as a name for Greg Gutfeld’s new Muslim-themed gay bar to be opened next door to the mosque. I prefer the former.

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