by Daniel Foster


Nobody seems to have any idea how to fix Ohio’s $1.18 billion budget gap. From [The Buckeye Institute via] Watchdog.org:

Columbus—The deadline for The Ohio Budget Planning and Management Commission (BPMC)’s public solicitation for advice on how to address Ohio’s budget problem has been extended indefinitely.

On July 7, Rep. Vernon Sykes (D- District 44), Chairman of the BPMC, announced that the committee will be taking recommendations and suggestions on how to address the budget issues. This public solicitation asks groups and individuals to submit a synopsis (under 3 pages) and a report (under 25 pages) in PDF form. The reports will be public and available to be read.

The due date was today, but Latoya Peterson, senior legislative aide for Rep. Sykes, says “a few [suggestions] have been sent, but not many.” She says mainly “institutes” have been submitting.

As of today, the official website to submit the documents has not been set up. Peterson says there are internal issues and it has been “problematic.” An e-mail address to submit proposals has not been set up either, but a few people have called the office, says Peterson.

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