Obamacare Locked In at Low Pre-Passage Numbers

by Daniel Foster

Obamacare remains every bit as unpopular — heck, slightly more unpopular — as it was in the days before passage:

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll shows that, despite Democrats’ best efforts, portions of their health care bill still remain unpopular.

Just 44 percent favor the health care mandate, which has yet to take effect. Nearly the same number – 45 percent – favored the bill when it passed. Forty-nine percent favored the mandate in November 2009.

Fifty-six percent oppose the mandate, up 3 percentage points from when the bill passed.

Maybe that’s why some of the interest groups most crucial to the passage of the Affordable Care Act are telling their operatives to stop talking about how the bill will reduce costs and start talking about how we can “improve it.”

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