Update from the Totalitarian Left: Dr. Laura Edition

by Kevin D. Williamson

I’ve never been a Dr. Laura fan. (I am perplexed that there are Dr. Laura fans, but then I am a young fogey, and perplexed by many things, de gustibus non disputandum est and all that, etc.) But The New Republic brings the stupid with this headline:

Good Riddance to Dr. Laura, Our Generation’s Most Dangerous Radio Host. (And That’s Counting Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity.)

Laura Schlessinger is a lot of things. Dangerous? A menace to good taste, maybe, but very little else.

But for the Left, the expression of verboten ideas is inherently dangerous. A selection of headlines about Glenn Beck:

Bob Cesca: Exposing Glenn Beck as a Dangerous Fraud

James Cameron: Glenn Beck ‘is dangerous

Opinion | Glenn Beck’s dangerous movement

Maher: Glenn Beck Is Dangerous

Why Glenn Beck’s McCarthyism Is So Dangerous

Why Glenn Beck is so Dangerous for America

Is John Stossel More Dangerous Than Glenn Beck?

There needs to be a new adjective for this kind of thing, one meaning “whatever’s just past asinine.”

Glenn Beck is a guy who has a television talk show. Dr. Laura is a daft woman who had a radio talk show. If that is your idea of dangerous, you really need to get out of the house more often. Or, you might try understanding the fact that there are people who have ideas and values that are different from yours and want to blow smoke in your face, and then there are people who have ideas and values that are different from yours and want to smoke you. Learning to tell the difference is an essential skill in life.

As I’ve argued before, the Institutional Left, for all those brave bumper stickers on all those Subaru station wagons, fears real dissent more than it fears almost anything else (other than church services and manual labor).

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