Republican: ‘If We Win in ’10, We’ll Start Running for ’12’

by Daniel Foster

I did a with Tim Fernholz of the progressive American Prospect yesterday, and mentioned at one point my worry that if the Republicans took the House narrowly, or even came close, they’d be greatly tempted to play politics for ‘12, while not spending the time and political capital it would require to push through a real conservative agenda.

This comment from Rep. Jim Jordan (R., Ohio) does little to alleviate my fears:

QUESTIONER: Assuming it’s accurate that Republicans will get the House, how effective will that be in throwing a monkey wrench in the gears of everything Obama does?

JORDAN: If we win, what will we get done?Mostly, I’ll be honest, most of what we can get done is have the big fight, have the big debate, and have the framework for the 2012 election.

“Having the big debate” is fine and good, but it’s also the debate we’ve been having for the better part of two years. Winning in 2010 would mean that Republicans are winning that debate — or at least that Democrats are losing it.  At that point, the House GOP might want to think about  putting people back to work, beating back Obamacare, reforming entitlements, and a zillion other things before they think about 2012.

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