Boehner to Obama: Veto Lame-Duck Bills

by Robert Costa

The headline-grabbing line in Rep. John Boehner’s policy speech this morning was his call for the heads of President Obama’s top economic advisers, but Boehner’s battle cry about the upcoming lame-duck session is also noteworthy. As Andy McCarthy points out, if Obama is “a movement leftist who cares more about imposing his program than being reelected, we are in for a very difficult time, beginning with the lame-duck session right after the election.”

Should Republicans win the House, Boehner promises to do everything he can to stop Democrats from ramming through “card check, a national energy tax, and any other tax increases on families and small businesses.” Democratic leaders, he worries, “refuse to rule out the possibility of forcing these job-killing bills through in a lame-duck session, after the election, after the voters have had their say.”

Firing the opening salvo, Boehner calls on Obama to veto any lame-duck shenanigans. “I pledge that Republicans will work with him to sustain those vetoes,” he says.

With the White House and embattled Democrats already preparing to pass major legislation after the November elections, it’s good to see Boehner digging in for the fight.

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